Hey guys, as you know, most of the game NHL 12 is about making pucks and buying players... So i'll start by showing you how to make pucks. We should also have a guide on how to deke! check it out! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCetfquSc44pSAUjMKwv-YIg?feature=mhee

Making Pucks

I'll start out with a method that is not very well known but works very well.

-Peewee Packs- Buy a pack, sell the contracts (6-9 game contract- 150 bid, 200 buy now - 10 game contract- 200 bid, 250 buy now - finally 12 game contract - 250 bid , 300 buy now). Then with the rest its up to you, the card's arent rare so you might get a couple good 80 or 90 potential guys but anything else discard.


-Rare Cards- Pretty simple, scout the market  for good deals and sell them for a higher price. After awhile you can make alot of pucks with minimal effort. Only thing is it's hard to find good deals and you have to wait for them to sell.


-Playing Tournaments-You can't just play single player on rookie, enter tournaments like the Spring Hockey Invitational or The Euro Cup if you have good enough players, and the end of the tournament you can have enough to buy a Jumbo Mega Deal Pack so it's alright.


Finding Good Players for Cheap

Some good players to look for;

From the WHL

-Neiderreiter (LW), Johansen (C), Bartschi (LW),

From the OHL

-Yakupov (LW), Scheifele (C), Landeskogg (RW), Tinordi (LD), Murphy (RD), Austin (LD), Gudbranson (RD), Campbell (G)

From the SM-Liiga

Pulkkinen (RW), Armia (C), Granlund (C)



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